New hardware grinding aid


In 1995, the technology of liquid grinding aids were supplemented by the device ECOFOR. Both of them are antistatic agents. First is consuming, second is hardware. However, used together they have synergetic effect for grinding.

ECOFOR Ltd was established in Russia in 1992 as research and innovation company. Since that time, it has conducted more than 200 tests in 44 countries and sold more than 300 such devices.

The device reduces the loss of mechanical energy which partly converting it into electric energy, which leads to the closing of microcracks, aggregation of fine particles and their coating on grinding bodies, which all counterproductive to the grinding action. As a result, this mechanical energy is used more efficiently in the formation of new surfaces.

The technology and device ECOFOR are designed for intensifying the grinding of dry crystalline materials. They allow to increase output of mills by 8 – 15% or 6 – 12% with using of grinding aids.

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ECOFOR device hardens the grinding media, so its wear decreases in 2-3 times. More information…